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What are Ketone Supplements?

Ketone supplements are products containing the ketone betahydroxybutyrate which quickly increases ketone levels.  Exogenous ketone supplements (originating outside the body) were only available to researchers until early 2016.  Before that, we could only increase ketone levels within our body when fat breaks down during fasting/starvation, a “keto” (ketogenic) diet or by taking coconut oil, palm kernel or MCT oil which is extracted from coconut or palm kernel oil.  Some people experience diarrhea with even small amounts of these oils, so taking ketone salts could help with that. Technological advances have made ketones available as salts so that they can be taken as a drink.  This new technology developed at University of South Florida makes it possible for us to drink ketones as salts to increase ketone levels to a therapeutic level within 30 mins with little, if any, intestinal discomfort.

I have been taking coconut and MCT oil for more than 10 years and now personally benefit from taking Pruvit ketone salts on a daily basis as well.  I travel often and take MCT//143, my MCT oil, coconut oil and phosphatidylcholine mixture is available through Pruvit in convenient 15 ml sachets. I’m extremely excited and passionate about the advancements in the exogenous ketone supplementation, the care taken to balance the salts (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) and create new products–cold drinks, teas, broths in many flavors with and without caffeine.

For infants, children, elderly adults and people with medical conditions it is important to talk with your physician before beginning any ketogenic diet or ketone supplement.  I do not recommend ketogenic diets or ketone supplements for pregnant and breastfeeding women, since women in these conditions are naturally already in ketosis and could develop ketoacidosis; safety studies have not been conducted in pregnancy or breastfeeding.  While coconut oil and MCT oil are generally recognized as safe, the FDA does not recognize ketone salts as effective for any specific health claim.

Beneficial Effects of Exogenous Ketogenic Supplements on Aging Processes and Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases.  Kovács Z, B Brunner, C Ari. Nutrients V. 13, no. 7 (2021): 2197.


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NEW PRODUCT: Cognitive Switch Liquid from Juvenescence

Creamy light berry flavor – Best tasting ketone ester!!  Suggest starting with 1 level tablespoon = 5 grams BHB once or twice per day, then increase as tolerated (5 tablespoons per bottle). 

A ketone diester combining the medium-chain triglyceride C8 and 1,3-butanediol which both convert to the ketone betahydroxybutyrate (BHB).

Testing on myself (Dr. Newport) showed ketone levels and lowering of blood glucose sustained for several hours longer than other ketone ester products. 

6 bottles cost $59.99 which equals $0.40 per gram BHB        BUY NOW

Also comes as a flavorless powder!! See below!

NEW PRODUCT: Cognitive Switch Flavorless Powder

A truly flavorless ketone ester powder. Looks creamy in water, coffee, tea, or you can add to other favorite drinks. 

Each packet or scoop = 12.5 grams betahydroxybutyrate (BHB). I suggest starting with 1 level tablespoon = about 4 grams BHB once or twice per day, then increase every few days as tolerated.

$59.99 for jar with 12 servings of 12.5 grams in each scoop = $0.40 per gram BHB    BUY NOW

KetoneAid KE4

Ketone ester (D-betahydroxybutyrate + D-1,3-butanediol)

Veech/Clarke ester – “Scary Cherry” A little scary 🙂 but improved – Highest peak ketone level per equivalent dose of BHB products – $0.85/gm BHB with trainer bottle subscription. Autoship discount.

3 Bottle Pack – $94.46 =  $1.18 per gram BHB              BUY NOW

12 Bottle Pack – $385.95 = $1.07 per gram BHB      BUY NOW


Kenetik Concentrate – Good value and Taste

Mixture of D-BHB and R-1,3-Butanediol (Not combined as ester) – 10 gm D-BHB per serving – 4 servings/bottle – Three citrus flavors – Great D-BHB levels – Good Value at $87.99 for six pack (24 servings x 10 gm BHB) – $0.37/gm BHB       BUY HERE


Delta H Ketone Health

Veech/Clarke ester – Ketone ester (D-betahydroxybutyrate + D-1,3-butanediol) – 10 gm BHB/bottle

3 Bottle with 10 grams per bottle = $40.00 – $1.33/gm BHB – BUY HERE


KetoUp from Pruvit

Free D-BHB buffered – Carbonated ketone beverage – Many great flavors.  BUY HERE




Keto Start

from Audacious Nutrition

With Caffeine – Raspberry Lemonade

No caffeine – Tropical

10 grams betahydroxybutyrate (BHB) per packet

Great Price – $0.50 per gram BHB BUY NOW


Keto//OS Nat -Ketone Salts, Broths, KetoUp Carbonated Drink by Pruvit

  KETO//OS NAT contain a specifically engineered ratio of proprietary ketone mineral salts that provide a high-energy fuel compound without having to incorporate an energy-restricted diet. The “Nat” products use a natural fermentation process to produce the ketone betahydroxybutyrate. Pruvit offers numerous flavors: MCT//143 Keto//OS Nat,  Keto OS/Pro, and Keto Broth (high protein bone broth with ketones).  The 60-hour Keto Reboot Kit is designed to enhance intermittent ketosis and is available for one week each month. Also look for the 10-day starter kit with 20 servings and the 24-hour fast kit.

Buy Ketone Salts Now


MCT//143 by Pruvit

MCT//143 is designed by Dr. Newport and provides a mixture of a virgin organic coconut oil, MCT oil from coconut oil and phosphatidylcholine, which is abundant in the brain cell membranes, helps transport omega-3 fatty acids into the brain and contributes to memory. This is the mixture she created to help her husband Steve with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.    Buy Now

MCT143 bottle

MCT//143 – 17 ounce bottle =

33 servings! More economical price.



Keto Kreme by Pruvit

Keto Kreme is a delicious blend of coconut oil powder and MCT oil powder with natural flavors and other special ingredients…perfect in coffee or tea or make Keto Kreme whipped cream as a topping.



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Real Ketones – Real Good Price

All products now the bioavailable D-form of BHB.






Carrington Farms Liquid Coconut Cooking Oil – Organic

High in C12 – lauric acid (32%) – Most MCT oils have 1% or less

Clear and odorless

Lauric acid is antimicrobial and stimulates ketone production in cultures of astrocytes.

A pilot study in cognitively healthy older people in Australia showed improved cognitive scores and no significant change in lipid profile.

About $15 for 32 ounces



Nutiva Certified Organic MCT Oil

Standard MCT blend of about 60% C8 (tricaprylic acid) and 40% C10 (capric acid)

Clear and odorless

C8 is the most ketogenic, but C10 improves tolerance and stimulates multiplication of mitochondria. C10 also has anticonvulsant properties.

Available in 16-ounce to economical 128-ounce containers for $20 to $63.


Nutiva Organic Unrefined Virgin Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed, high-quality oil

Virgin coconut oil is half lauric acid, contains C8 and C10, and is enriched with many vitamins, minerals, and anti-inflammatory and antioxidant polyphenols.

Available in many sizes including economical 54 ounce, 78 0unce, and 128-ounce


Quest Coconut Oil Powder

Soft white powder that blends wonderfully into coffee, tea, and many foods

Great price at about $16 for a 1.25-pound container.




Quest MCT Oil Powder

C8/C10 blend of MCTs – Soft white powder that blends well into coffee, tea, and many foods

Priced at about $31 for 1-pound container.


Creamy Coffee or Tea Recipe:

Blend 1/2 to 1 scoop each of powdered MCT and powdered coconut oil into coffee or tea. Use a hand-held frother or a blender.


Zulay Milk Frother

Hand-held battery operated.

Amazing job blending MCT and coconut powder into coffee or tea

Also great for mixing ketone salts!

Many color choices – only about $14


For product questions and information email us at “Ketones08@gmail.com”.

Nominal commissions from some products help fund this website and email response at ketones08@gmail.com.


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