Videos on Ketones and What They Do


Ketones are alternative fuel for the brain and are anti-inflammatory. These videos explain how increasing ketones (ketosis) through consuming a keto (ketogenic) diet and/or ketone supplements can promote brain health, help burn fat and curb appetite, improve energy level, mental focus, and sleep.



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Release Date February 19, 2019


Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s
Steve Newport’s early-onset Alzheimer’s improved dramatically in May 2008
with coconut oil and MCT oil. This aired 3 1/2 years later on The 700 Club.











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How Ketones Help Alzheimer’s

Glucose uptake is poor in areas of brain affected by glucose but ketones are taken up normally. A diet or supplement that results in ketosis could help.How Ketones Help Alzheimer’s




Other Conditions That May Be Helped by Coconut, MCT Oil & Keto Diet

In addition to Alzheimer’s, other conditions like Parkinson’s, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, ALS, autism, epilepsy and more, where poor glucose uptake into brain and other cells is at play.


Ketones Help Burn Fat to Lose Weight

Ketones stimulate fat burning during fasting and with low-carb keto (ketogenic) diet. Ketones also suppress appetite which makes it easier to eat less and lose weight while preserving muscle. Ketone supplements can further enhance this effect.


Dr. Mary Newport Talks About Ketones, Keto Diets and Ketone Supplements

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