Diet Guidelines & FAQ For Coconut and MCT Oil

This article answers many questions about using coconut oil and MCT oil, the whys and the hows of using these oils alone or in combination.

MCT//143 – Mixing Coconut Oil and MCT Oil

Dr. Newport’s mixture of MCT oil (from coconut oil), organic virgin unrefined coconut oil and pure concentrated phosphatidylcholine, an important brain phospholipid, is now available as a product through Pruvit .  Make your own (see Diet Q and A for Coconut Oil and MCT Oil), or buy convenient sachets for work, travel and people in assisted living.   Link to MCT//143

What Are Ketones and Where Do They Come From?

Ketone Salts Explained

Ketone salts are the first product on the market to the public to contain the actual ketone betahydroxybutyrate combined with sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium and can be combined with liquid to make an energy drink. They were developed at University of South Florida and the Pruvit company is the leader in formulating new products and educating the masses on ketones and what they do at their Ketokademy events.

Link to buy Pruvit Ketone salts

Combining Ketone Salts with a Low-Carb Keto Diet for Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Two Helpful Charts to Plan a Keto (Ketogenic Diet)

Using Ketone Salts in the Elderly and People with Medical Conditions

Ketone salts can have great effects but people with chronic medical conditions and people who are elderly need to be aware that blood sugar will likely drop, so should be monitored by people with diabetes. There can be large water loss from muscles as well as loss of sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium in early weeks while starting these so it is important to stay well-hydrated and keep electrolytes in balance. This article explains more and is written so that people can share this with their physician to guide on what to watch for and how to avoid these and other problems.

It is very important to take non-racemic ketone salts, as this is nearly 100% of the most bioactive form of betahydroxybutyrate(BHB).  Most companies selling ketones salts use a 50/50 mixture of the two forms, called racemic salts, which are not as effective and may hit unintended targets.  These racemic salts may be less expensive but also less effective.  At present the only company selling non-racemic (most effective form) BHB salts is Pruvit – all of their products are non-racemic.

Ketone Esters: What, Why and How

Ketone esters became available to the public in early 2018 and can result in instant ketosis within 30 minutes at ketone levels much higher than with ketone salts or MCT and coconut oil when larger doses are taken.  This article explains in detail information about what the ketone ester is, what effects may occur, potential issues and how to avoid them.  This is written to educate the public but also physicians on what to monitor in people who are elderly or have chronic medical conditions such as diabetes.  KetoneAid   Kenetik (almost ester)

Veech Ketone Ester Safe for General Public – 28-day study (New October 2019)

Summary: More than 2000 doses of the R-3-hydroxybutyl/R-3-hydroxybutyrate Veech ketone ester were given over 28 days to 24 volunteers ages 19 to 70 at large doses of 25 grams three times per day.  There were only a few mild adverse events in 2,016 drinks – 6 reported nausea for one dose, 3 reported mild headache, 1 reported diarrhea, and 1 reported abdominal discomfort.  This is a very large dose three times a day, comparable to what my husband Steve took for several years.  Many people with Alzheimer’s and other memory impairment are reporting good response to much lower doses – for some, this is 10 ml (1 levels teaspoons, which is 5 grams of ketone BHB for KetoneAid) once or twice a day.  Many people report better sleep with just 2 to 5 ml (1/2 to 1 teaspoon).

What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer’s Disease… and No One Knew? (2008) 

 There is a growing epidemic of obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and predictions that 15,000,000 people in the United States alone will have Alzheimer’s Disease by the year 2050.


Hay una epidemia creciente de obesidad, de diabetes tipo II, de enfermedad cardiovascular y pronósticos de que para el año 2050, solamente en los Estados Unidos habrá 15.000.000 de personas con la enfermedad de Alzheimer.

St. Pete Times Article about Dr. Mary and Steve Newport

The only thing that kept Dr. Mary Newport positive in the face of her husband’s early onset Alzheimer’s disease was that he didn’t seem aware of how much ground he was losing. A dietary intervention using coconut oil…

How To Grow A Healthy Baby With A Healthy Brain

By choosing a healthy well-balanced diet before you become pregnant, while you are pregnant, and while breastfeeding, you will greatly improve the chances of growing a healthy baby with a healthy brain.


Reference List for studies and reviews of ketones, coconut oil, MCT oil, Alzheimer’s, and mild cognitive impairment

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