Guidelines, Face Masks, Coconut Oil Study for Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Protocols for Virgin Coconut Oil Study to Supplement Treatment for Coronavirus (COVID-19) & For Prevention

Coconut oil contains 60% lauric and capric fatty acids, which are well known to kill many viruses and are used as such in sprays, wipes, oral and skin care products. Here is a protocol with rationale and how-to-use guidelines to supplement treatment for people with coronavirus (COVID-19) infection and another for prevention. Developed by MDs, PhDs at Ateneo University in the Philippines (with my input) for study at hospitals there. Direct lab testing of the virus is also underway. FREE PRINTABLE PROTOCOLS


Fabian Dayrit, PhD discusses potential for virgin coconut oil as antiviral to fight coronavirus.


Guidance COVID-19 for People with Dementia from Alzheimer’s Disease International and Dementia Alliance International

Excellent practical advice for caregivers on how to handle illness and decision making on hospital care in people with dementia afflicted with COVID-19. Dementia Alliance International is a group organized by people with dementia to advocate for people with dementia and had input into the position paper from Alzheimer’s Disease International. READ HERE

More Information on Alzheimer’s and Dementia on this website page.


Fabric face mask with pocket to insert filter and optional large face shield that can be sewn in about 30 minutes.


FREE PATTERNS for children, teens, average and larger adults; also, plastic or filter insert and large face shield.


Disposable face mask with a plastic barrier to assemble in 5 minutes using paper towel, a piece of plastic wrap, elastic, tape and a stapler. For general public (not intended for healthcare workers with access to regulation masks. WATCH VIDEO




Cracking Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Things You Can Do That You Might Not Have Thought About

By Mary T. Newport, M.D. March 13, 2020 (Updated as new information comes along.) READ HERE