Tampa Bay Times Article – Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute to study coconut oil in people with Alzheimer’s!

Tampa Bay Times Article – Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute to study coconut oil in people with Alzheimer’s!

Mary Newport MD 6 comments

Tampa Bay Times Article – Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute to study coconut oil in people with Alzheimer’s!

Here is a link to the story:


This story spawned a similar TV story on ABC Action News that aired in the Tampa Bay area.  I will post a link when I receive it.

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August 24, 2018 at 11:41 am

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    Mary Newport MD

    March 9, 2019 at 9:20 am

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Diane Talbott DeLong

March 31, 2019 at 12:09 pm

I’ve been watching & reading your articles about your husband and giving him the coconut oil. Very informational and interesting. My mom, 87, was diagnosed in 2015 with Alzheimer’s. My dad, 91, is her main caregiver. But he tends to be in denial of her daily changes. He’d like for her to stay with him as long as possible. But lately, my mom has been changing very quickly. Often times, she’s forgotten who her family is. She forgets that she’s married to my dad and will ask him if he’s her father?! She forgets who her children are, but does recognize that I belong as I’m coming through their door saying “Hi MOM, how are you today?!” Sometimes, this will trigger her into remembering my name. I’m always offering her the answers she’s searching for and she seems appreciative of this. But my dad tries to let her see if she remembers how to still do things, when we know she can’t. I keep encouraging my dad that it’s OKay to remind her when & how to brush her teeth or to shower or to get ready for bed.
But my dad being 91 & with 2 types of cancer himself, is getting tired of the constant, daily “caregiving” for mom.
My dad was an old school type of provider back in my young years, where men didn’t babysit, they worked to provide fir the family & keep them safe.
So when I mention to him that my mother is now like my young grandkids that I watch daily, he doesn’t like it & when I’m helping her like I do for my grandkids, dad thinks it’s disrespectful. I assure him I am not disrespecting my mother, but helping to remind her of how to do what she has forgotten. She’s more at ease when I’m helping her to function more easily, where when she’s gets challenged to think how to do something, she gets very frustrated.
What you had said about your Steve about reading & walking & eating, sounds just like my mom’s ways. She too use to be an avid reader, artist, caregiver, listener, and was always sacrificing herself for others. Especially for dad. It’s been very hard for him to learn that their house chores could no longer be expected to get done by mom. Since 2015, my very manly man-dad has had to learn to cook, clean, do laundry, and all the driving. Plus taking medicines for his cancers & go for scans & xrays & get sick from the meds. My younger sister was diagnosed with cancer a few months before my dad, so she wasn’t able to step in & help out like she wished she could have. Luckily, my daughter & husband was able to step in & help out when I needed them too.
Being a family of all ages & generations is a Team Effort! My son & his family step in every once in awhile as well.
Altho my sister past away this last Aug 2018, her husband still steps in as well to help out.
I sent some of your information to my dad’s email for him to read. Do you think giving my mom coconut oil would still help her? I have coconut oil that I bought a year ago for a diet my daughter wanted me to do.
My mom use to take diabetes medicine, metformin for years. Then she went in this special diet, I want to say to cut out carbohydrates or it was only on carbohydrates.. can’t remember which. But, she list so much weight that she didn’t need to loose. But her Dr kept complimenting her & she kept going. THEN, something happened to her motabolism and she started not feeling hungry & had to start making herself eat. I purchased this digital book on how to turn your Alzheimer’s around with foods called “The Memory Healer Program” by Alexander Lynch & Dr. Ron Goldman.
It made so much sense!!!! It suggested wonderful ideas & I loved his story!
BUT, my mom now hates to eat foods. She didn’t want to eat fruits & veggies very much anymore. Just getting her eat was a chore for us. So, this expensive information wasn’t going to benefit my mom. She got down to around 90lbs for not eating. Her normal weight is between 115 & 120.
Sept 1st, 2018, we got my parents to move into a very nice Assisted Living facility. At first, dad hated it, then after a hospital stay for his cancer complications, he now loves it & knows it’s where they need to be.
Mom loved it in the beginning and then when dad came out of the hospital they switched and mom has hated it since the last of Sept 2018. She’s continuing to pack up daily, DAILY… to go “HOME”!! She no longer remembers where exactly that was, but knows it’s not there. Their past Town name us imbedded in her brain cause she was born & raised there. So my poor dad hears that daily that she WANTS TO MOVE!!
Although it’s an Assisted Living, my dad counts on me & my daughter to continue to caregive them. I will call the facility and ask them to help out with my mom. Take her for walks, color with her and help dad get some support or relief for a bit.
I’m going to suggest the coconut oil for them (dad’s diabetic too) and see if there’s any change for mom.
I’ll look into the MCT oil & look over the ketone diet. I’m still listening to your interviews & reading your articles.
I’m sorry for your loss of your husband, Steve. Hugs to your heart ♥️..
And, thank you, for sharing your findings.


    Mary Newport MD

    April 1, 2019 at 3:14 pm

    Hi Diane, My heart goes out to you. Yes, it is not too late to try coconut oil and, if it helps, every little improvement could be worth a lot to her and your family. I am going to email you directly to give you some information from my personal email preemiedoctor@aol.com. Dr. Mary


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