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If you need directions for the use of Coconut Oil, please refer to the
Diet Guidelines & FAQ

A Note From Dr. Mary:

I want to thank everyone who has sent me testimonials for your loved ones who have tried coconut oil and or MCT oil. I have received over 200, and while some people have no response, the vast majority has reported improvements in cognitive functions and overall quality of life. I am overjoyed that so many people have benefited from this food-based intervention as my husband Steve has!

These testimonials have helped to get grants for research at the University of South Florida (USF) Byrd Alzheimer Institute, where humane animal studies are in progress and a clinical trial of coconut oil in people with mild cognitive impairment will soon begin! This is a pilot study that will look at whether there is symptomatic improvement and also if this treatment will delay or prevent progression to Alzheimer’s disease. This study will begin in the Spring of 2013.

There are several other large studies of MCT oil for Alzheimer’s that are currently in progress as well. Ketones as an alternative fuel are also being studied at USF for treatment of cancer, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease), wound healing, oxygen toxicity, epilepsy, and status epilepticus, using ketogenic diets that contain medium chain triglycerides and also ketone esters. While the results of these studies will take some time, for now you can provide ketones to the brain as an alternative fuel by consuming foods that contain medium chain triglycerides to produce ketones. What do you have to lose?

2013 important Ketone Ester article from Dr. Veech and others.

Coconut Oil in The Daily Mail (London), January 8, 2013

Canadian National News Story from October 9, 2013 on Coconut Oil Study for Alzheimer's Disease at Byrd Alzheimer's Institute University of South Florida (extended video and article)

TED Talk - TEDxUSF 2/22/13 (18 minutes)

Video of talk for the Institute of Human and Machine Cognition, Ocala, FL 3/6/13 (60 minutes)

Dr. Mary and Steve Newport on the 700 Club, January 5, 2012

Updated story on The 700 Club, January 7, 2013

Dr. Newport's appearance on the Frankie Boyer Show

Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure?
The Story of Ketones Second Edition
by Mary T. Newport, MD

Alzheimer's Disease: What If There Was a Cure? Second Edition

from Basic Health Publications, Inc.

Also available for purchase at Barnes & Noble Bookstores & Online

What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimer's Disease... and No One Knew?
July 2008 Article by Mary Newport, M.D.

***If you need directions for the use of Coconut Oil, please refer to the Diet Guidelines & FAQ***


Greek news story on coconut oil.

2/26/13 FAAFM Webinar Powerpoint Presentation

February 2011 Update Steve's Status, Regimen and Latest on Ketone Research

Steve's Status, Regimen and Latest on Ketone Research, September 2009

YouTube.com video: Dr. Newport's effective work on Alzheimer's and dementia with coconut oil
(Part 1 of 6) July 2009

Our local Bay News 9 came and shot a video (Aired on 8/2/09)

St. Pete Times Article about the Newports and Ketones, August 2009

St. Pete Times Article about Dr. Mary and Steve Newport, October 2008

Case Study: Dietary Intervention Using Coconut Oil

Poster Presentation at International Symposium on Dietary Interventions for
Epilepsy and Other Neurologic Diseases,
Edinburgh, Scotland, October 2010
Abstract and Chart of Responses)

Updated 2012 - Chart of Responses

Scientific References for Ketone Research


Write to Encourage NIH Funding for Ketone Research
Story C. Landis, Ph.D., Director
National Institute of Neurologic Disorders and Stroke
NINDS Neuroscience Center
Division of Extramural Research
6001 Executive Boulevard Suite 3309
Bethesda, MD 20892- 9531*

Alzheimer's Study Group
1425 K St., NW, Ste. 450
Washington, DC 20005
e-mail: contact@alzstudygroup.org
Members include retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor
National Alzheimers Strategic Plan (PDF)

Also visit Dr. Mary Newport's blog: Coconut Oil and Ketones

Please Email Dr. Newport at Ketones08@aol.com with your loved one's response or lack of response
to coconut oil and/or MCT oil. Please provide details, including age, sex,
diagnoses, duration, medications, type of oil used and amount,
specific changes noted. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response.

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